ONE DAY WE WILL FLOAT is the last in a series of public engagements in relation to Dead Yard, a solo exhibition by R.I.P. Germain.

ONE DAY WE WILL FLOAT documents the international correspondence between R.I.P. Germain (UK) and his friend and fellow artist, G (UK/NL). Throughout the duration of Dead Yard, which was open to the public between 3 Sep - 1 Nov 2020, G and R.I.P. Germain sent each other drawings, voicenotes, and other ephemera exploring death, grief, time, boundaries, physicality ...those quiet, vulnerable moments… all eventually culminating as ONE DAY WE WILL FLOAT. 

ONE DAY WE WILL FLOAT is a colouring book, but it is also a space and some time, it is play and feeling, generous and malleable, art and artefact ...the outlines of an experience that might be called grief.

£2 of cost of this book will be donated to the Josh Carrick Foundation 


Notes from the artists...

“The way that grief is always in the back of your mind when you’re in the midst of it, you can't really tuck it away. It’s better to sit with it and hold yourself amongst it and allow others to do the same for you.”

“The colouring books for adults always fascinated me….it makes sense. It’s just kind of sad they have to exist I think.”

“The book is for you from us. You can choose to share or do it alone. It’s up to you always.”


ONE DAY WE WILL FLOAT is printed by Calverts and supported by Arts Council England. 

Dead Yard is the first exhibition in Languid Hands' No Real Closure curatorial programme at Cubitt Gallery. 

Product Details

A3 colouring book

150g Offset paper

20 pages

Fastened by treasury tags

Price £20.00 (incl UK P&P, will vary for overseas delivery)