Design Research Unit

Design Research Unit

Edited by Michelle Cotton
170x240mm, 128 pages, softback
Designed by APFEL – A Practice For Everyday Life
Published by Koenig Books, 2011

A rare publication surveying the history of the multidisciplinary practice responsible for some of the most important design produced in post-war Britain, Design Research Unit 1942-72 follows the Cubitt exhibition curated by Michelle Cotton, spanning more than four decades of their work.

It features some of DRU’s most experimental and iconic work from Naum Gabo’s proposal for a Jowett car to exhibition design and architecture for the 1951 Festival of Britain and corporate identities for Watneys brewery, British Rail, Ilford, the London Transport network and Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI). Based on original research, it documents an approach that was shaped by inter-war developments in artistic discourse and post-war trends in industry and communication; in particular the accelerated demand for corporate design.

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