Curators’ Choice Print Box

Curators’ Choice is a set of ten beautifully produced prints by an international selection of leading artists chosen from Cubitt’s exhibition history.

Cubitt’s innovative Curatorial Fellowship gives an emerging curator the opportunity to develop an exhibition programme across an 18-month period. For this portfolio, ten former curators of Cubitt Gallery were invited to choose an artist they exhibited to make a new work, resulting in a stunning survey of recent art.

For the past 25 years, Cubitt has been at the forefront of developments in London’s art scene. It supports artists, curators and local communities through the provision of affordable studios, an internationally renowned gallery and pioneering approaches to arts education.

It is possible to purchase individual prints from Curators’ Choice, as detailed below. This is a chance to own a great work of contemporary art and support a pioneering non-profit institution.

Framed or unframed? Cubitt asked each of the artists to design a frame for their work. Darbyshire picture framers hold the specifications for this and can carry out the work. Darbyshire’s is next door to us and we can get a current price for a frame with or without UV glass for you. If you’re happy with this we can take the print/s to them and start the process. You would be separately invoiced for the frame by Darbyshires.

If you’d like to arrange your own framing we can arrange for you to either pick up the print in person if that’s convenient, or we can organise postage.

  • The framed prints can be viewed by appointment at Cubitt
  • For more information about the prints contact: [email protected]
  • A complete box set framed by Darbyshires will receive a 15% discount on the total price.

If you would like to discuss any aspects concerning the Curators Choice print box or the individual prints, please contact us on [email protected]