Exhibition Run: 13 May - 30 May 1993

Artist: Jason Brooks, Laura Daly, Chris Ofili

Curated by Stuart Morgan

Curators should be shot, they say, Artists could do better themselves. Weary of cheap abuse, an over-sensitive critic decides to get his own back. First he picks up the telephone just long enough to invite three young painters to show at Cubitt Street. Instead of visiting their studios, he gives them directions to the space and the time to arrive. There they find paint and primed canvases. From that moment, they will have two weeks to make large works, which will be hung an hour before the opening. Their only instructions will be to go for broke. Can punk curating produce masterpieces? All will be revealed in To Boldly Go.

Trapped in a vortex of self-referentiality, JASON BROOKS only appropriates already appropriated images. Though photographs make them seem demure, in reality LAURA DALY’S brushstrokes look like J.P. Hartley on acid. What was CHRIS OFILI doing selling elephant dung in a Berlin market?

Stuart Morgan is old enough to know better. William Shatner is threatening to sue. See what happens on Wednesday the 12th of May 6-9pm at the Cubitt Street Gallery.