Private View: Wednesday 19 November, 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Exhibition Run: 20 November 2003 - Sunday 21 December 2003

Curated by Emily Pethick

Cubitt presents a selection of Charles Raymond’s original watercolour illustrations for Alex Comfort’s pioneering 1972 publication, The Joy of Sex, alongside recent work by Carol Bove.

Alex Comfort was a physician, poet, novelist, anarchist and pacifist. Taking his inspiration from the Joy of Cooking, he conceived The Joy of Sex as ‘a gourmet guide to lovemaking’, to demystify sexual practice. In his introduction to the book he described, ‘a cookery book is a sophisticated, unanxious account of available dishes – culinary fantasies as well as staple diets – with the practical details provided. This book is an equally unanxious account of the full repertoire of human heterosexualityS?’ The book’s immediate popularity spawned numerous further editions, including More Joy of Sex, 1974, The Joy of Gay Sex, 1977, and the Joy of Lesbian Sex, 1977. The first edition was illustrated by Christopher Foss, (now better known for his science fiction illustrations), and Charles Raymond, who, together with his partner, modeled for all of the drawings. Featured at the beginning of the book, Raymond’s romantic, unselfconscious, meticulously detailed watercolours convey a sense of the optimism of the pre-AIDs era.

Carol Bove’s displays of books and watercolour drawings investigate the aesthetics and politics of 1960/70s liberation movements. Her book collection encompasses original editions of published works that act as signposts for the intellectual and humanistic developments of the hippie era, charting art, architecture, womens’ movements, and other areas of cultural discourse. Arranged on period shelving units, the books are displayed so that they highlight key images and texts and are accompanied by art and design artifacts. A series of drawings of women from late 60s Playboy magazines, celebrate the female form and evince the changing roles and representations of women in that era. Conjuring a powerful sense of the genesis of grass roots movements, these works revisit a moment in history that challenged established lifestyles, attitudes, morals, and changed our cultural landscape, from a women’s perspective.

Charles Raymond’s drawings have been kindly loaned by HOTEL, London. ‘Educational Books’, with works by Charles Raymond, continues at HOTEL until 29 November, and by appointment through December. Please contact +44 (0)20 7729 3122 for details. Carol Bove is based in New York and is represented by TEAM. She has recently exhibited at Hamburger Kunstverein, and next year will show at Kunsthalle Zurich and Georg Kargl, Vienna.