Preview: Thursday 26 October, 2018

Exhibition Run:  27 October – 16 December 2018

Adelita Husni-Bey, Serena Lee, Clemence Seilles and events with W.A.G.E, The Voice of Domestic Workers, Cinenova and Deborah Findlater

Join us for the launch of the 2018/19 programme presenting a new formation of Cubitt’s gallery space, designed and constructed by Mexico City-based artist Clemence Seilles.

The redesign works to create a long-term installation, providing a playful system of support and display. The new structure(s) will host, hold, make space for and adapt to the work of artists, and collectives, for commissions, film screenings, events and workshops. 

The space will open this autumn with propositions for future projects, including work by Adelita Husni-Bey and Serena Lee.  It will also host events with W.A.G.E, The Voice of Domestic Workers, Cinenova and Deborah Findlater.

Structures that Cooperate is the launch of a programme of projects that talk to Cubitt’s context as an artist-run co-operative. It is a call to question default approaches to programming a gallery space, looking instead to collective formats, imaginaries and realities.

In addition to the open exhibition space there will be a programme of events and projects that will have different paces, access points, levels of visibility and timeframes.

For the period of the 15-month 2018/19 programme the gallery will serve as a work space for The Voice of Domestic Workers–a migrant domestic worker union who will have a pragmatic stake in the building to use as required. A school in Finsbury Park will host collective project Schooling & Cultures working out of a disused classroom. A period of ongoing research by Cubitt and New York-based activist group W.A.G.E. will begin with a talk and workshop in November initiating a conversation about how to politicise and support the fair payment of artists.

Projects and artists who will feature in the 2018/19 programme include:  Ain Bailey, CCCO, Cinenova, Lucy Clout, Deborah Findlater, Aya Haidar with The Voice of Domestic Workers and Women for Refugee Women, Adelita Husni-Bey, Schooling & Culture with Arts and Media School Islington, Serena Lee, W.A.G.E, Cubitt’s Education programme and more to be announced.

This exhibition is supported by Arts Council England and Outset Contemporary Art Fund.