As part of of Cubitt’s annual Archive Research Project x Goldsmiths MFA Curating placement, Charlie Clark and Henriette Gillerot have curated and hosted ‘Sounding the Archive’, a monthly radio-show on Cubitt Community Radio.  

From August until December 2022, they invited several emerging artists and researchers who work with speech and sound into Cubitt’s archive. Once a month, Sounding the Archive would activate Cubitt’s archive through sound by broadcasting new commissioned work by the invited radio guests, that had been inspired by their investigation into the archival materials. A collage of sonic traces emerged from amongst maps, pictures, e-mails, administrative texts and exhibition reviews during their placement. 

Through this project, Charlie and Henriette wanted to activate Cubitt’s archive for its community and beyond, sharing history and knowledge in an interconnected, creative and accessible way, whilst experimenting with the curation of sound works through the continuous space of radio. 

Working with emerging artists from across London, their experimental and thought-provoking radio show refashions the materials of Cubitt’s archive, transforming them into sounds and airwaves.

Sounding the Archive #1  Friday 19 August 2022

With Camilla Peeters and Euan Gubbins

Camilla Peeters is a DJ, artist and writer. She holds a master’s degree in Sonic Arts from Goldsmiths, University of London. She DJ’s under the name of Instar and is part of the Belgian women’s rave collective Burenhinder.

Euan Gubbins graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. His artistic practices emerge out of being outside. He plays with the production of ideas and objects in many types of artistic forms: videos, photos, music, poems, dances and drawings.

Sounding the Archive #2 Saturday 1 October 2022

With Jess Rowley and Hannah Dualeh a.k.a. Commons Sense

Jess Rowley is a researcher and community art facilitator working within the South London area. Next to being active in the Feminist Library as a researcher and cataloguer, they have also facilitated, ran and taught several hand weaving and off-loom workshops. 


Hannah Dualeh is an aspiring social researcher. Drawing on their experiences of fragmentary urban living, their primary research interest and creative work interrogate the interrelation between (post)austerity politics on black urban subjectivity and life in modern Britain.

Commons Sense is a collective exploring the connection(s) between urban spaces, communities and memory.

Sounding the Archive #3 (LIVE) Thursday 10 November 2022

With Deborah Findlater and Georgie Rei-n Lo

Deborah Findlater refers to herself as a ‘griot’ - a West African term for an oral storyteller, community historian and keeper of ancestral knowledge who moves between mediums in their tellings. They are interested in how dominant narratives are constructed and from whose gaze subverting this in order to create new stories in a polyphonic manner from a queer, Black feminist and decolonial perspective. Sound and rhythm hold their work together incorporating her other practice as a DJ.

Georgie Rei-n Lo works with the influence of their lineage of Daoism as well as a non-dual concept of Eros to explore healing relations with sentient beings human and non-human. They combine their training and study in social anthropology, Yoga and Butoh to explore ritualistic happenings in performance spaces & psychogeographic locations of interest.

Sounding the Archive #4 Friday 25 November 2022

With Pascale de Graaf and Tiffany Wellington

Pascale de Graaf is an artist-curator based in London. Jasia Reichardt’s robotics archive is used as a guide for her research into histories of the future. Her material practice deals with objects whose provenance can be traced back to institutions of power. Pascale holds a BA from the Courtauld Institute of Art (London), and an MFA from the Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam). Next to having participated in several residencies across Europe and having featured in important art magazines with her work, Pascale has also curated several shows in London and beyond. 

Tiffany Wellington lives, works & loves in London. Tiffany weaves webs of fact and fiction. Their work focuses on themes of false narratives, true identities, and opacity. Given time it gains and forgets meaning, creating alternating tales that separate off into various timelines of self-discovery. Interlacing photography, sound, performance, and sculpture through the insertion of their own personal experiences, they provide certain truths that lie parallel with the falsehoods provided in narration. They are not creating a lie, but the lie can be seen within. Wellington holds a MFA Fine Art at Goldsmiths, a BA Painting at KASK Conservatorium Belgium and a BA Fine Art at Falmouth University.

Sounding the Archive #5 Saturday 10 December 2022


SODAA is a Self Organised, Decentralised Association of Artists (musicians, DJs, producers, coders, songwriters, promoters, and partygoers) gathering in London and via a Discord server. Founded on principles of decentralised governance and solidarity economy, they organise radio shows, parties, workshops, panels, and talks, working towards a more sustainable future for music scenes operating outside conventional ‘industry’ structures. 

Curator’s bio’s: 

Charlie Clark (she/her) is a curator, writer and artist based in London. She is co-founder and co-curator of Schemata, the in-house arts platform of nightclub Corsica Studios, and writes for Clot magazine. Her curatorial research is focused on live art practices, especially the intersection of contemporary art with the world of cabaret and costume. She currently works as a producer for art agency, Glimpses.

Henriette Gillerot (she/her) is a curator and researcher based between London and Brussels. She is currently working as assistant curator for the second Dunkirk Triennial. Henriette is intrigued by the element of performativity in curatorial work by providing artists and researchers with a specific spatio-temporal framework that in itself generates a creative, experiential and caring environment.