Saturday Socials is a friendly, relaxed, collective who meet monthly at Cubitt Gallery to make with an artist or two. Experimenting with the unknown. It is a fluid world. There is always tea, coffee, biscuits and sometimes there are eggs, pegs, honesty and oranges (HOPE). Be prepared to eat your works!

Due to Covid-19 Saturday Socials are working remotely responding from their homes to bi - monthly #Ooh0 #266 stimulus's on the theme of #titesmites. For more information please check Lucy Steggals website.

Saturday Socials is programme of monthly workshops for over 55s led by Lucy Steggals with Charlene Sandy exploring materials and sharing ideas. 

The programme aims to combat social isolation. It was established in 2012 as Saturday Socials: a partnership with All Change and North London Cares and continues today through funding from Islington Giving. 

The programme includes workshops, visits and public events bringing together participants across the Saturday Socials and Home Delivery programme.

If you would like more information on the sessions please email

[email protected]