07 June – 03 August 2024

Aberdeen-based Kirsty Russell’s first solo exhibition presents new work that draws correlations between handling practices for textile conservation, processes of sculptural casting, and the manners by which people are moved and handled in care and nursing practices.  Departing from conversations with relatives working in healthcare, this project expands on Russell’s existing sculptural and hosting practices through sound and film to deepen her research on material interactions that occur in moving, supporting and engaging with the human body.

KIRSTY RUSSELL is an artist living in Aberdeen. Her work is concerned with support, and structures that underpin and maintain. With reference to the women in her family who work in positions of care, she often returns to the physical and emotional weight of the work that they do and to the repetitive nature of maintenance. Her work expands into places of care, such as hospitals and schools, through project worker and other supporting roles.

This exhibition is supported by Jerwood New Work Fund.

Banner Image: Buffer by Kirsty Russell, commissioned for 'Common Positions' curated by Seán Elder for Jerwood Staging Series, Photo: Hydar Dewachi