Exhibition Run: 7 March 1997 - Sunday 6 April 1997

Fabienne Audéoud, Keith Farquar, Jochen Klein, Bernd Krauß, Mike Marshall
(selected by Silke Otto-Knapp)

Phil Allen, Jenny Greep, Jefferson Smith, Soda
(selected by Adrian Jones)

Billy Childish, Matthew Donovan, Stewart Home, Inventory, Amikam Toren, Christopher Warmington
(selected by Matthew Higgs)

Richard Clegg, Greg Fisher, Hilary Lloyd, Dawn Mellor, Ian Vail
(selected by Sadie Murdoch)

Steve Glynn, Paul Hodgeson
(selected by David Williams)

Multiple Choice is, in part, an attempt to reveal the individual dynamics of the members of Cubitt’s gallery committee.

Five of the current six incumbents each selected a number of artists whom they wished to exhibit, their selections being made with little or no concern for their colleagues choices.

The resultant ‘group’ exhibition has been hung collaboratively, in order to make some kind of sense from otherwise disparate material.