Exhibition Run: 24 November 1995 - Sunday 17 December 1995

From November 24th to December 17th 1995 Cubitt Gallery presents the work of four artists. Liesbeth Bik, Peter Fillingham and Jos van der Pol are showing three works created in collaboration. Tacita Dean will be making a series of blackboard drawings.

Bik, Fillingham and van der Pol are interested in the development of an appropriate medium which realises works of art arriving collectively from notions of interaction and collaboration. The works developed during Peter Fillingham’s stay at the guest studio of the Duende studio complex, Rotterdam. At Cubitt Gallery they will exhibit The Kitchen Piece, The Shower Piece and a ceiling made for the gallery office.

The Kitchen Piece is a copy of the kitchen in the living space of Jos van der Pol at the Duende studio complex. The other two works consist of a replica of a personal shower created for an ongoing project in Rotterdam, “Rest”, and a replica of a plaster ceiling from a bar in Rotterdam. The three works bring with them the situation and context of their origin thus implying an imaginary line between London and Rotterdam.

Tacita Dean makes large scale blackboard drawings to document an imaginary film scenario. She uses both the languages of film and drawing to describe a cinematic space, travelling from one drawing to another as you might move through an action movie, from establishing shot to close-up, still to finale. The drawings work not only with this cinematic time from one board to another, but with the real time involved in the actual process of drawing itself, and the history of the lines left behind.