Friday 11 July 2003 - Sunday 10 August 2003

Curated by Emily Pethick

Jakob Kolding produces collages and posters based on the relationship between social behaviour and architectural space. Rooted in his own experience of growing up in Albertslund – a rigidly planned suburb of Copenhagen – his work weighs up the modernist idea of a utopian city and the consequences of such idealism. Questioning gentrification processes and planning issues, Kolding is interested in discrepancy between the intended and actual use of public space, highlighting signs of resistance to the built environment. His collages juxtapose images of different kinds of public spaces and residential areas, with skateboarders, hip-hoppers, DJs and graffiti, overlaid with text quoting social, urban and architectural theory. Kolding’s new work will include a poster to be fly-posted in Cubitt’s local environment and available to take away from the exhibition.
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Luke Fowler/Kosten Koper’s film, THE WAY OUT, A Portrait of Xentos profiles one of the founding members of The Homosexuals, a band that lapsed into obscurity after self-releasing a number of groundbreaking records in the post-punk period. Although The Homosexuals disbanded without ever releasing an authorised LP, L Voag (aka Xentos) released his own solo project, The Way Out, in 1979. The Way Out was a cut-up DIY concept album that imagined its musical context situated in an inverted parallel universe where pop music is made by Modernist, Serialist composers and the avant-garde is left to those on the fringes of acceptance. Amos (aka Xentos) continued to produce and distribute a mass of diverse tape projects throughout the 80’s on his own label, Its War Boy, spanning most known and unknown musical genres, under a myriad of multiple identities. Fowler/Kopers’s film interweaves new interviews, scripted scenes, found and filmed footage with unearthed Super-8 films by Xentos himself.

Luke Fowler (Glasgow) and Jakob Kolding (Berlin/Copenhagen) have had an ongoing dialogue since they worked together on `The Social Engineer’ a project at Transmission Gallery in 2000. Luke Fowler and Kosten Koper (Stirling) worked collaboratively for the first time on this film project.

The Way Out – A Portrait of Xentos, duration 30 mins
Screening Times: Opening night: 8.00
Wednesday-Sunday: on the hour

Jakob Kolding gave a talk in the gallery on Saturday 12th July 2003