Preview: Thursday 15 November 6:30 - 8:30PM

Exhibition: 16 November – 23 December 2012

The wrong Jamie and the old Jana are having a conversation in the corridor.

The gallery is divided in two parts following the logic of light, or no light, from above.

In the painting in the area with no light from above, the aesthetic decisions such as symmetry and colour are made by manpower. The painting in the area with light from above is painted from the perspective from under the surface of water of the garden pond.

Behind three translucent walls there are three paintings painted unequally and gradually more and more out of focus of:

  1. a)     horses leaving yourself
  2. b)     friends leaving to Berlin 
  3. c)     Greece leaving Europe

They have not yet gone, it is not certain that they will leave, but there is no question that they have turned their back to the gallery.

One person got invited: it is the world, and she came and looks at the paintings with great interest.