Private View: Monday 27 June 2005, 6:00PM - 8:00PM

Exhibition Run: Tuesday 28 June 2005 - Saturday 6 August 2005

Curated by Elke aus dem Moore

Künstlerhaus Stuttgart presents Honey-Suckle Company and Konrad Sprenger

Cubitt is pleased to announce the second part of its curatorial exchange with Künstlerhaus, Stuttgart, which like Cubitt, is a publicly funded gallery with artist studios. The exhibition Ohn End, is curated by its Artistic Director, Elke aus dem Moore, and features a new installation by the international collective Honey-Suckle Company: a group of seven individuals based in Berlin and involved in art, fashion, music, dance and performance. The group started in 1995 and sees itself as “a self-sufficient community in the sense of an almost dying species which is working on its own utopia”.

The title, a German/English construct, literally reads `Without End’, suggesting infinity, an in-between state, turning and shifting its `resolution’ and dimensions. The exhibition deals with the contradictions inherent to individual and group identities, and will feature a sound and light installation with other spatial interventions, as well as a publication that seeks to define reality as an “infinite state of dissolving in its expressions and limitations”.

Honey-Suckle Company have exhibited internationally for the past ten years with recent projects in Stuttgart, Berlin, Vienna, Paris, Barcelona and New York. Its current members are Ninja Pleasure, Sim Gil, P.C. Kisur, Nico Ihlein, Zille Homma Hamid and Friedrich Ploch, along with Konrad Sprenger who was commissioned to produce the sound element of the show. This will be their first exhibition in the UK.

For the first part of the curatorial exchange, David Bussel curated a show of Daria Martin’s 16mm film trilogy (Birds, In the Palace, Closeup Gallery) at Künstlerhaus, Stuttgart from 24 May – 12 June 2005, as part of his 18-month programme. For more information visit