Exhibition Run: 10 September 1993 - Sunday 10 October 1993

Artist: (With support from Arts Council of Great Britian, Welsh Development Agency, European Arts Festival Fund, Institute for Cultural Affairs Stuttgart, Zwemmer Art Books and Momart)

Curated by Oriel Mostyn

As part of the European Arts Festival 1992, Oriel Mostyn has organised the first major exhibition in the U.K. and Ireland of the internationally known German artist Günther Förg. Born in Füssen, Germany in 1952, Förg now lives and works in Areuse, Switzerland. Cubitt Street artists are pleased to present his first London solo show. The exhibition will continue its tour travelling on to the Musée des Beaux Arts, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

The Threat of Serenity includes paintings, wall painting, photographs, bronze wall-reliefs and stelae which together form an installation.

” …..[Förg’s] ability to lyrically recollect old tradition makes him one of the leading artists of his generation. When he began working, classic modernism was coming to a close. While other young artists entered into a speculative adventure which I would call art-as-commentary, he was not prepared to give up image-making in the traditional categories of painting and sculpture. The way forward he decided, was paradoxically to go back and establish a rapport with older tradition. He understood that such a rapport should be established via the best of modernist art which was abstract art. In that he succeeded brilliantly.”

Rudi Fuchs

A 72 page case-bound book accompanies the exhibition, including 24 colour plates with an introduction by Rudi Fuchs, Director of the Haags Gemeentemuseum and an extensive essay by John Hutchinson, Director of the Douglas Hyde Gallery. The publication has been sponsored by Gustav Ernstmeier Gmbh, Germany suppliers of fine book cloth and is printed on an environmentally sensitive material – Zanders’ Ikonofix Special-Matt Chlorfrei, 170 gsm, supplied by John Heyer Paper Ltd.

This exhibition has been brought to London with the support of IFA Stuttgart. The project has been funded by visiting arts, A.C.G.B. International Initiatives Fund, Welsh Development Agency, European Arts Festival Fund, MOMART and the Institute of Cultural Affairs, Stuttgart.