During 2022, Cubitt delivered Going Greener, a project supported by Islington Giving. The fund invited local organisations to consider their impact on the environment and how they can operate in more environmentally friendly ways.

As part of this project, Cubitt ran listening sessions with people from our local communities during autumn 2022. We also surveyed our staff and artist members. We wanted to better understand what the Earth Crisis means to the people we work with and whether they think Cubitt and other cultural organisations have a responsibility to respond.

This publication shares some of the community members’ answers and offers some further reflections on these workshops and how we can have meaningful conversations about the Earth Crisis. 

Thank you to Islington Giving, students and staff from Arts and Media School Islington, Lydia Ashman, and the community members who took part in the workshop.

Text by Hayley Harrison

Design by Mariana do Vale