Private View: Tuesday 20 May 2003, 7:00PM to 9:00PM

Exhibition Run: 21 May 2003 - Sunday 22 June 2003

Curated by Emily Pethick

Gareth Jones has been commissioned by Cubitt to make a new installation for the gallery space. This will consist of a series of nine interconnected structures that are based on the shape and dimensions of a standard plinth, adopting its form for subsequent elaboration, distortion and embellishment, and producing multiple variations within a single format. The work reflects different approaches to object making and develops a formal vocabulary whereby each plinth relates to the group as a whole. Utilising a means of presentation as the work itself, these structures continue Jones’s interest in making a direct response to materials through non-representational forms. The works will create a field in the space of the gallery in which the viewer can become an active participant, with each plinth generating physical, perceptual and psychological responses.

Gareth Jones is currently a resident at Delfina studios in London. Recent projects include Seven Pages From a Magazine 1975-2001 at Platform, London and Helmut Jacoby: Milton Keynes Drawings at 38 Langham Street, London.

Gallery hours: Wednesday – Sunday 12 – 6pm