In Summer 2018 Cubitt started a conversation with Seilles to discuss a long-term artwork that would re-imagine and implement a new spatial configuration for the gallery space. The invitation to Seilles was to work with Cubitt across a new 15-month programme of exhibitions, events and commission that would depart from Cubitt’s structure as an artist-run cooperative. Seilles would take an active, evolving role of scenographer, designer and collaborator for the gallery space for the whole of the 2019 exhibition and events programme.

As a starting point for this proposed collaboration Cubitt invited Seilles to design and make a series of maquettes (room dividers, seating and work surfaces) for the first exhibition of the 2018/19 programme that opened in October 2018 – Structures That Cooperate. Seilles titled these starting maquettes Vermicelli, which comprised of curtains, stools and cardboard furniture to be manipulated like tools serving transformations and different uses of the space: a conference room, a workshop room, an exhibition room and projection room. These ‘tools’ were then used and adapted for 6-months in support of the public programme of events and workshops and also for the exhibitions Structures That Cooperate: Get Paid! and Lucy Clout: A Symptom

After the initial 6-month period for the first design a second iteration of the design will launch in May 2019 starting by hosting Ain Bailey’s exhibition And We’ll Always Be A Disco In the Glow of Love and then continuing to be used over the summer and subsequent public programme.

The invitation to Clemence Seilles to design and develop an ongoing scenography for the gallery has been generously supported by FLUXUS

Clemence Seilles is an artist and a designer, who produces applied and fantastic situations through objects, spaces, performances and autonomous free styling formations. A collaborative approach is characteristic of Seilles’s protocol. Seilles commonly calls other artists and designers for their know-how and sensitivity. Collaborations include Andrea Crews, Adrien Missika, Theo Demans, Joseph Marzolla, Melanie Bonajo, Krux Amsterdam, Egon Elliut and OXYDO eyewear. Seilles has actively taken part in founding the Dirty Art Department of Sandberg Instituut of Amsterdam and Stromboli associates design studio since 2016. She lives between France and Mexico City.