Curators Evie Banks, Stephanie Chung & Margherita Ghella were the recipients of the Cubitt Archive x Goldsmiths MFA Curating placement for 2023 - now in its eighth edition. 

Their work in the Cubitt archive initiated from an interest to make the archive more accessible, viewing it as a platform and catalyst for inter-subjective processes in which artists, curators, and the public join to co-create meanings and knowledge. Stemming from an interest in queer ecologies and how networks form through gossip, their approach to the archive took the format of a zine, in which contributions from participants in Cubitt's rich history as well as from members of the public were collected and  intertwined as subjective histories snd forming playful composition.

In conclusion of their residency which started in Summer 2023, a launch event for the Bittersweet Zine will take place on Friday 1st March 2024, 6-9PM where members of the public are invited to speak with the designers and curators an further contribute to the Cubitt archive. 

Evie Banks (b. 1998) @eviebanksfineart is an English artist and curator. As an artist, her interest lies in phenomenology and rooted experiences. As a curator her current focus is on composting as a form of ecological stewardship, to reintegrate the human and non-human and to counterbalance Capitalist values.

Stephanie Chung (b.1997) @stephaniecck is a curator from Hong Kong. She is dedicated to socially engaged practice and interdisciplinary approach of curating. Her recent research explores the fluid imagination of community in the age of movements and displacements.

Margherita Ghella (b. 1998) @mghella Is an Italian art historian and curator. Recently, her practice has evolved and shifted focus onto the role of women in the botanical world and gendered associations around ornamentation, domesticity, and decoration.

Zine design: @harold__bennett @george.creese