Ciar O'Mahony and Isabella Waite

Analogue Dialogue. Cubitt Archive Placement x Goldsmiths MA Curating. 2020.

At the beginning of 2020, the two of us received the Cubitt Archive Research Placement,
which gives curators the opportunity to activate the Cubitt Artists’ archive. Our original
proposal aimed to create an in-person dialogue between artists and the local Cubitt
community in order to highlight the role and importance of collective discourse within Cubitt's
history. We were drawn to this topic as shared governance and clear communication are
essential characteristics of artist groups with long term goals and are often
underemphasised when discussing their formation, success, and longevity.
However, fast forward a few months and we were in the midst of a global health crisis.
Gathering individuals into an intimate space was no longer an option and so we had to
re-think our approach to facilitating a dialogue. After considering alternative options to realise
our original intentions, we decided to continue this project via mail correspondence which
would then be collected and published as a zine.

Our interest in non-digital correspondence is intended to capture the more fleeting moments,
conversations, and interactions between people which the archive may not as yet contain.
We believe these smaller moments can often be as important to Cubitt’s identity as the
exhibitions, publications, and professional opportunities it has generated. By publishing the
replies and media we receive from participants as a zine, we will be acknowledging these
crucial, if ephemeral, exchanges, and ensuring that they too are recorded. We see this as a
way to begin instantiating an archived portion of Cubitt Artists' history and incorporating it
into the archive along with its other artefacts.

Interviews include:Nicky Hoberman, Helen Ireland, Andrew Carpenter, Amal Khalaf, Polly
Staple and Charlene Sandy.