"Is there such a thing as left angles?"
With artists' group Kaleidworks, students from Arts and Media School Islington explored the school playground through experiments in sound, moving image and mark making to produce this short film. The group collected footage from under the school pond, through colourful filters and from a great height, playing with layers of acetates, and dried petals and leaves from the playground 
"We can use art as a way to get to know each other". "We explored the world from different points of view."

This film was produced as part of Remote Connections, which emerged during the pandemic as a way for Cubitt to connect with the Islington residents we work with. Throughout spring 2021, four artists and groups of Islington residents from different generations gathered online and in person. Organised with our partners All Change, these gatherings took place in a secondary school, an extra care setting, with community centres and from people’s living rooms. 

Through conversations and creative experiments, we explored what helps us to feel connected with each other and ourselves, with our surroundings, and across time, distance and generations.
Supported by @aceagrams and @Isgiv