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Some: being one, a part, or an unspecified number of something (a group).

Body: the whole physical structure that is a person.

I used to be a ventriloquist’s doll since being furloughed I have decided to re-imagine myself as a collective imaginary friend.

Over six months from March – July 201 Saturday Socials in collaboration with artist Lucy Steggals embarked on a postal and Instagram game of consequences/ exquisite corpse. This was in response to the pandemic and the group only being able to meet online or participate via post. We also invited some seniors who lived outside of London in more rural communities and an inner city care homes to join us. 

Different organs and body parts were the focus for our monthly SS zoom gatherings. We played with free association and making with what was at hand. Monthly submissions can be found on Instagram @somebody_some_body #somebody2021

There were infinite possible versions, but this is how Somebody looks today. 

The Saturday Socials programme for over 55’s is led by Lucy Steggals and includes monthly workshops, visits and public events. If you would like more information on the sessions, please email [email protected]