We’d like express our gratitude to Cubitt Curatorial Fellows 2020-2022 Languid Hands (Rabz Lansiquot and Imani Mason Jordan) on the conclusion of their amazing curatorial programme No Real Closure.


No Real Closure, has seen the duo curate four solo commissions from UK- based Black artists of Caribbean descent: R.I.P. Germain, Ajamu, Camara Taylor and Shenece Oretha, as well as the LIVE programme for Frieze London 2021, with new performances by Rebecca Bellantoni, Ebun Sodipo and Ashley Holmes, and the group screening programme REEL: AXIS, NOT POLES with Che Applewhaite, Kondo Heller, S*an D. Henry Smith, Dita Hashi and Kadeem Oak. In 2020, they launched Curatorial Tactics, a network for Black curators, artists and practitioners: watch out for their takeover on Cubitt Community Radio! Languid Hands are also publishing a forthcoming edited collection of responses to their film Towards a Black Testimony: Prayer/Protest/Peace, featuring commissions from Barby Asante, Christopher Kirubi, nyanju, Rebecca Bellantoni, Derica Shields & more. 

“No Real Closure is a platform for experimentation and development of black artistic practice across exhibitions, moving image, text, performance and public programming. Absent is the disproportionate emphasis on surface-level survey style programmes and representational focus: when we gather, we do so to manifest collaboration, exchange, dialogue, relationships – a sum greater than its individual parts”

Thank you to Languid Hands and all the artists, collaborators and supporters that contributed to No Real Closure. 

It’s been a pleasure working with you @Languidhands, Cubitt is forever changed by your powerful and inspiring programme. 

Thanks also to: 

RIP Germain, Ajamu, Camara Taylor, Shenece Oretha, Rebecca Bellantoni, Ebun Sodipo, Ashley Holmes, Che Applewhaite, Kondo Heller, S*an D. Henry Smith, Dita Hashi, Kadeem Oak and Joseph Bonds Studio

With support from Arts Council England, Art Fund, The Elephant Trust and Frieze London. 

Main image: Imani Robinson (left) and Rabz Lansiquot (right), aka Languid Hands, at Cubitt Arts, London. Portrait: Adama Jalloh