WE ARE MANY - Our thoughts are with all families grieving the loss of loved ones. We hold those directly impacted by settler colonialism and the historic and ongoing violence in our hearts and minds. We know that many folks in the UK are feeling isolated, paralysed and alone in grief and anger as we witness the violence and genocide unfolding in Palestine. The mainstream media narratives are dehumanising and it has a devastating impact on how the world responds. We need to find ways to bear witness, respond, resist, practice, grieve, heal and care for each other.  We want to carve out a convivial space to be together and to remind our community that we are many. 

On this date Thursday 19 October we opened our spaces in synchronicity with arts spaces across London for communities in solidarity with Palestine to gather and hold each other. 

The multiple locations were: The Mosaic Rooms @themosaicrooms (west London), Cubitt  @cubitt_gallery (central london), not/nowhere & Cinenova @not.nowhere
@cinenovadistribution (east london) @luxmovingimage (north london)

We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, their right to freedom, to land, to life, to dignity and empathy. We are committed to a future where every life is sacred and all people live in freedom and safety. Let action be the practice that organises and transforms our grief.

Artist Jemma Desai led a facilitated sharing/grieving session and Assia Ghendir gave private bodywork and trauma therapy treatment to attendees. The following films were also screened with food and refreshments provided: 

Scenes of the Occupation from Gaza, Mustafa Abu Ali (1973) Palestine. 

The Way to Palestine, Layaly Bader (1985) East Germany.

Everywhere was the Same, Basma Alsharif (2007) US.

Booking for this event has now closed.