A series of events happening every Saturday from April through June at Cubitt. Admission free.

  • Saturday: A Little Pain Hurts Nobody
  • Saturday: Broad Cast
  • Saturday: Dan Fox – Evening at the Pictures
  • Saturday: FAG Film Art Gainsborough
  • Saturday: Ne Travaillez Jamais!
  • Saturday: Negative Space & Dead TV
  • Saturday: Seven Eleven
  • Saturday: The Dilapidated Dwelling
  • Saturday: The N.W.R.A. Variety Night
  • Saturday: Watt

The first issue of the occasional zine SATURDAY was produced and edited by Polly Staple and Mark Leckey in June 2001. The second issue of SATURDAY  has been produced and edited by Polly Staple in conjunction with the `SATURDAY’  programme running through May and June 2002 at Cubitt. A range of artists  and writers were invited to contribute texts and images in, and of, the spirit  of SATURDAY – Ne Travaillez Jamais!

This issue includes… Michael Archer on Soft Machines; Cecilia Bonilla, Paul Claydon  and Elinor Jansz on Graphic Design; Neil Chapman’s Accounts from a Diary of Traffic Accidents; Anne-Marie Copestake’s Songs; Will Bradley’s Lifestyle Challenge; Adam  Chodzko and Rosa discuss DIY; Ann Collier on Beauty; Dan Fox on Existentialism; FlatPack001 on Youth Club’s; Fuelair on Cocktails; Alison Gibb on Late Night Love  Songs; Bruce Haines on Flying; Matthew HIggs on Punk; Anthony Iles and Craig Martin present Radio City; Gareth Jones’s Harliquinade; Juneau Projects Create a Banned  Record; Sarah Lowndes’s Red Scratch; Nina Manandhar’s Mobile Milkbar; Mattin on Relaxation; Aleksandra Mir presents This Seasons Debutantes; Dave Muller on The Watercourse Way c/o Jimmy Webb; Paulina Olowska on Disco Polo; Matt Price on  The St. Dunstan’s Experiment; David Robbins on Civilization; Paul Rooney on Not  Going To America; Paula Roush/msdm’s SATURDAY press card; Polly Staple and  Jen Clark discuss being Saturday Girls and the John Lewis Partnership; Mark Titchner  on Labour; Rob Tufnell on Some Follies of the Tay Valley; Gary Webb on Art; Ian White  on Weekends Away; Andrew Wilson presents Alex Trocchi: Potlatch… Plus, SATURDAY cover design by Rachel Thomas… And, a HUGE! Free Poster of Matthew Higgs.

Trent Harris’s Beaver Trilogy


Trent Harris’s Beaver Trilogy is a series of three pieces about the same subject,  a young man from a small town called Beaver who is obsessed with Olivia Newton  John. The first piece is a documentary (1979). The second piece is a dramatic work  based on the documentary starring Sean Penn (1980). The third piece is yet another dramatic work, this time starring Crispin Glover (1985).

Los Angeles Critics Association awarded Beaver Trilogy BEST INDEPENDENT/EXPERIMENTAL FILM OF 2001 What the critics are saying…

“A rivetingly strange, multilayered inquiry into, celebrity, obsession and serendipity.”

– New York Times – A.O. Scott

“By far the most exciting and heart-breaking piece of cinema this critic has seen in years.”

– IndieWIRE – Aaron Krach

“Filmmaker Trent Harris is a genuine maverick who has poisted his first piece of genius.”

– The Time London – James Christopher

“Both guileless found art object and beautifully crafted pop fantasia… Beaver Trilogy  is destined to go down as the coolest footnote to any number of careers.”

– Filmmaker Magazine

“Of all the films that have ever been or will be, nothing compares to Beaver Trilogy.”

– Sundance Film Festival

“A stunning and complex exercise, an elaborate karaoke-upon-karaoke that snaps  right into place with contemporary obsessions.”

– New York Press – Ed Halter

“I would strongly recommend your taking a look at Trent Harris’s Beaver Trilogy,  a work that’s as strange and rare as a fire-dwelling salamander.”

– The Nation Magazine – Stuart Klawens

“Beaver Trilogy is so perfect, so odd, and so affecting that you will feel you’re in the presence of a minor miracle or some strange form of beatitude.”

– New York Video Festival – Lincoln Center” – Trent Harris’s website

When I sent Trent Harris an email asking his permission to screen Beaver Trilogy as  part of the SATURDAY programme at Cubitt he wrote me back immediately:


Booking for this event has now closed.