A Little Pain Hurts Nobody, Saturday: A series of events happening every Saturday from April through June at Cubitt. Admission free.

Curated by Polly Staple

Saturday 22 June 2002

The Black Diamond is an art show on paper, providing a general theme for artists and writers to respond to and presenting the work submitted in a simple magazine format.  The first issue was published in October 1999 to coincide with the Liverpool Biennial  of Contemporary Art and was distributed free throughout the city during the festival.  Since then two further issues have been published and distribution has widened to  take in the rest of the UK, USA, Croatia, Ireland and Holland.

To coincide with the London launch at Cubitt Gallery of issue four of the magazine the publishers will be screening the first four episodes of the BBC television series ‘Survivors’ which originally aired from 1975–8. The series concerns the aftermath of a plague, which has wiped out 95% of the world’s population. The action is centred on the experiences  of a group of individuals in England as they grapple with the post plague world and the  trials of day to day survival. The opening episodes immediately grabbed the attention  and interest of the viewing public in 1975 and it remains a powerful and disturbing  viewing experience. Its creator was Terry Nation of Dr Who fame.

The screening will take place in a specially designed mobile cinema, which has been  donated for the occasion by All Horizons Club.

Booking for this event has now closed.