Curated by Emily Pethick and Chris Hammonds

Cubitt presents Publish and be Damned, a two-part project exploring current experimental editorial directions through an eclectic selection of self-published magazines, comics and journals.


Sunday 4 July, 2004, 3.30 – 9.30pm. St James Church, Clerkenwell Close, London EC1

On Sunday 4 July over 30 publishers from the UK gathered in the crypt of St James Church, Clerkenwell, for the Publish and be Damned fair, offering an opportunity to peruse a variety of publications and to meet the editors. Special projects took place throughout the day, including Paula Rousch’s ‘Copylaws of the Kitchen’, a free participatory event that mutates the printing press into ‘biscuit cutting anarchy’; Jabba the Hut and Cousin IT demonstrating the uses of Audio Theory for dyslexics; and Berlin-based magazine Starship launching their bilingual issue on the subject of ‘Darkening’.


8 July – 1 August 2004, Preview: Wednesday 7 July, 7–9pm. Cubitt Gallery

From the 8 July to 1 August the second part of Publish and be Damned was held at Cubitt gallery, with some 150 publications presented in a Public Library designed by Pablo Léon de la Barra. Arranged in an offbeat taxonomy and discovered through the informal networks that make up the self-publishing scene, the material ranges from DIY fanzines to glossy periodicals, video compendiums to critical journals. Surveying a gamut of independent publications, Public Library demonstrates individual approaches to making and distributing the work of artists, writers and musicians outside of the commercial mainstream.

Publish and be Damned is organised by Emily Pethick and Chris Hammonds. It is accompanied by a black and white catalogue available at the fair and gallery for £2. Designed by Pablo Léon de la Barra the catalogue includes material from the self-publishing fair, and: All the King’s Horses, American Homebody, An Architektur, Bovine Liberation, Boys Keep Swinging, British Mythic, Butt, Butter, Cahier d-Activité, Cakewalk, Chicago, Adam Chodzko, Shawn Chung, Continuous Project, deFILE, Jeremy Deller, DIN, Sara Edward Corbett, Finger, The Fire, Flaca, Flaps, Fluffers, Freier, Frozen Tears, Fucking Good Art, FUJI, Happy Pappy, Helvetica, High Dessert Test Sites, Kathrin Höhne and Bjarte Gismarvik, Karl Holmqvist, IDEA Art + Society, Incepem Fanzine, Jutta Koether, Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, Anja Kirschner, LTTR, Made in the USA, Make it happen, Mall Punk, Manoa Free University, Sean McCarthy, Aleksandra Mir, Montage, Tom Morton and Catherine Patha (TomCat), OCD, Pacemaker, Patti, Perific Biennale, Lia Perjovschi/CCA, Pist Protta, Pork Salad Press, Plotter, Recluse, Re-Magazine, Saturday, Seth Price, Remote, Carissa Rodriguez, Runway, Saddlesore, Shit TV, Christian Sievers, SlimVolume, Joshua Smith, Space Poetry, Spector >cut + paste<, The Stand, Swingset, Things to Come, Times, Morton & Catharine Patha (TomCat), Tourette’s, Variant, Version, UKS Forum,  WeAreTheArtists, Why we should talk about, Matt Wiegle, The Young Baron, and more.

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