Patricia Lennox-Boyd / Benedictions


Thursday 28 March 2013, 7pm

An event that acts as a prelude to There’s One Missing From Your Bundle Edouard Manet, the second issue of Benedictions, a publishing project by Patricia Lennox-Boyd. This event is conceived in tandem with Greens, an exhibition by Benedictions in the vitrines at The Modern Institute, Glasgow (February–March 2013).


Jamie Stevens asked me to do an event and so I asked Jamie Stevens to paint me a copy of Manet’s Asparagus, a painting from 1880 which is the subject of the next issue of a publication project we initiated together but which I now edit alone.

The asparagus is alone.

Manet’s Asparagus was sent to a collector as recompense for payment in excess for a different painting. It took Jamie several tries before he painted an asparagus he was happy with.

E153 Pale Salmon lighting filters are designed to remove green from fluorescent lighting frequencies and to enhance and flatter human flesh tones.

Nudes is a 2 hour hold between a number of elements. It’s about saying that if I’m asked to occupy a space that belongs to Jamie then I will ask that he lays himself bare within a context that belongs to me. It’s about recycling old materials and coming clean about which alterations were made. It’s about trying to sustain an erotic tension within a work. It’s about keeping it real.

- Patricia Lennox-Boyd

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