Led by artist-duo Kaleidoworks, in these workshops you’ll explore playful ways in which animation processes can facilitate collaboration across social distancing and between bubbles. Kaleidoworks will introduce to you both analogue and digital animation techniques, and how to mix the two. 

Workshop 1: 4pm - 5.30pm, Wednesday 18th November 2020 
This session will explore how you can still incorporate spontaneity, fun and creative risk-taking within the school environment. You will try out some experimental animation processes that encourage collaboration between student bubbles and play with socially distant forms of interaction and making. Together we will discuss the current challenges facing teachers and think about imaginative problem solving around Covid-19 restrictions.  

Workshop 2: 4pm - 5.30pm, Wednesday 9th December 2020
This session will explore the possibilities of instigating creativity through remote learning. We will look at using Zoom as a creative tool and mobile phones as a digital image-making device and how to share the results in exciting ways. We will also look at analogue and off-screen forms of engaging students from a distance, and how to build communication between those isolated. We'll discuss what benefits may come from these new ways of working, eg developing exciting ways to deliver homework, or build dialogue with people in other places.   

Activities will be suitable for the classroom and adaptable for remote learning and teaching.
We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer for these workshops.

These workshops are open to Islington educators from secondary, primary and SEND settings. You can join one or both sessions. To book, email Lydia at [email protected] 

Kaleidoworks are artists Lydia CS and Betsy Dadd. They use the mediums of experimental drawing, film, animation and sound to work with others in community settings. They are also resident artists in Cubitt's Block C project, where they hold a studio space at Arts and Media School Islington.

This workshop is part of 11 by 11 Culture Bank, delivered in partnership with Islington Cultural Enrichment and School Improvement teams.

Booking for this event has now closed.