SATURDAY 5 MAY 2018, 5 - 7PM

Readings, performance and screenings on some recurrent themes from the current programme: friendship, solidarity and defiance, thinking especially about relationships–human; animal; planet; technology and what we might do when these end or evolve into something new.

At the beginning and end of the event Paul Kindersley will perform The Divination Deck (2013), conceived as a response to 18/19th Century fortune-teller Madame Lenormand

Heather Phillips, WHAT’S THE DAMAGE, 2017, Single screen video

A riposte and provocation to ongoing calamities under white patriarchy – a menstrual deluge against leadership circle-jerks, over-groomed toupees, environmental massacre, weeping vortexes, seared orangutans, animal-fat banknotes, and advancing supermoons, pizzas and drones

Rebecca Jagoe, The Way I Feel It Slipping All Over Me, 2018, Performance with latex costume

I have fallen in love with the bay of Monaco, and must now figure out how to have sex with the sea. Attempting to disrupt humanist individualism, this performance is a queer ecological romance of watery relations, haptic seduction, and the ecstatic dissolve of boundaries.

Justin Allen, Explain Totality, 2017, Sound performance

Growing up in a suburb of Washington, D.C., Allen was immersed in a teenage subculture of hardcore, post-hardcore, and metal music. This performance comes from his research into D.C.’s hardcore history, the history and evolution of rock ‘n’ roll, and relationships between contrasts: suburb/city, north/south, black/white 

Helen Cammock, Changing Room, 2014, HD Video

A video centred on the ceramic animals made by the artist’s father throughout his life, set in a space that was his home for twenty-five years. The ceramics are utilised as a way of exploring difficult questions around the construction of identity, and relationships, both historically and in the current day. The lives of father and daughter span nearly a century in which black identity has been contested, fought over, and through which, the painful legacies of racism are still very much alive

Paul Kindersley, We RI, 2013, filmed on webcam, iPhone and digital camera

A lonely call out for companionship in the digital age

Sonya Dyer, Anansi Tings, 2018, Reading and Screening

Human Animal-God Relations Across Temporalities and Continents aka Why I Never Kill Spiders

E C Feiss, Submission & Solidarity: a reading of Gary Fisher, 2018

From Gary in Your Pocket: Stories and Notebooks of Gary Fisher

Cinzia Mutigli, Diana Ross Shaped, 2018, Performance

When I was around 5 years old, the local newsagent decided he couldn’t pronounce my name so he called me Tracy. Diana Ross Shaped is a performance that takes its starting point from the 1975 film Mahogany, starring Diana Ross as Tracy Chambers. The work is about who and what influences our identity, our connection to everything, and a looping sense of time

Bedwyr Williams, Après Midi, 2018, Performance

A performance/reading about a cafe that is frequented by so many musicians that they start turning on the weaker ones



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