Through hands on, creative activities, and with reference to contemporary illustrators’ work, Grace Attlee and Jhinuk Sarkar from House of Illustration will facilitate a workshop on how we can effectively and sensitively explore refugee experiences in the classroom. Activities will emphasise understanding the human experiences, and moving beyond the headlines.

You'll explore how illustration can form the basis of an enquiry into journeys and the different reasons people make them. Experimenting with ink and watercolour, you'll create your own interpretations of journeys, and then discuss how you can use these works to start conversations, as inspiration for short stories or for extension activities. Grace and Jhinuk will also introduce other source material and illustrators' work you can use in your practice. 


This workshop is open to Islington educators, and activities are aimed at children in Key Stage 2 upwards. To book, email [email protected] 


House of Illustration believes everyone can be an illustrator. They use illustration as a lens through which children can learn curriculum subjects, raise confidence, support wellbeing and improve art and design skills in schools. 

In our society, images are essential for telling stories, explaining processes and communicating opinions. House of Illustration empowers children and young people to feel confident in understanding and critiquing their visual world and learning to create their own graphics with pride.

Jhinuk Sarkar is an Illustrator and Arts Educator, born in Leicester to Indian parents originating from Kolkata, India. She studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Norwich School of Art & Design and has an MA in Communication Design, from Central St Martins. Her inspiration for producing images comes from an interest in relationships and this originates from the sense of belonging, her own cross-cultural upbringing and documenting cultural social differences in subtle ways. 


Image: Rob Harris, courtesy of House of Illustration

Booking for this event has now closed.