Sunday 24 February 2019 1–3PM 

Free, places limited booking advisable here

Cooperativas de Alimentos will be the hosts for Cooperative Lunch #2

Cooperativa de Alimentros is a collective formed by Ismail Ali-Project Alchemy and Jakeline Londono-Artist and Designer, following their passion for food, sharing and telling stories through food.

Cooperativa de Alimentos presents a menu that reimagines tradition and pays homage to street food and ancestral recipes.

The menu will be composed of a kind of utilitarian food that is present in many cultures. Little parcels of dough and corn, that have provided communities with high nutritional values, functionality and hearty taste.

From empanadas found in most streets in south America and the Philippines, to the Cornish pasty that provided miners with tasty and sustaining meals while they worked. To the calzone or walk around pizza, traditionally sold by street vendors in Naples, these parcels of deliciousness have kept communities going for over 300 years.

Drinks will be include Vicenta’s simple, yet beautiful and seductive purple corn magic nectar; the national drink from Peru, 'Chicha Murada’ alongside Ismail’s offering to grind, brew, and plunge down on a big pot of hot, oily black golden liquid, derived from a special earthy bean. Fruited on the coffee cherry tree, selected from the Latin region.

In the spirit of communal feast, guests are invited to eat with their hands, immersing themselves in a surprising culinary and cultural journey.

Expect: empanadas, wontons, calzoni, samosas, Cornish pastries, curry puffs, in all shapes and sizes.

Cooperative Lunches is a regular event series at Cubitt, an event around food, community, sharing space and knowledge. The first Cooperative Lunch in October 2018 was hosted by The Voice of Domestic Workers, a migrant domestic worker union in residence at Cubitt until December 2019.

Booking for this event has now closed.