Artist Ben Owen has a community studio with Cubitt and Notting Hill Housing Group in an Extra Care home at 73 Mildmay Street. He has been working with staff in the home, and set up an installation in an unused lounge area to arrange footage made with residents and invited improvisational jazz musicians. The installation is in place for a few weeks and residents have been popping in to see their faces on screen, and chat to Ben about the film work and installation.

In parallel to this work Ben is organising an all day event Day festival on Saturday 4th November from 4.30pm. Through the event Ben and invited artists will explore sound and ritual with Anne Tallentire, Chris Fite Wassilak, Claire Potter, Residents of Mildmay, Joseph Noonan-Ganley, RATTLE, Mary Hurrell, Libita Clayton, Nicky Hatton, Claire Feeley, David Raymond Conroy, Tom Ward, Fame is the spur, Kit Poulson, Rachael Finney & Cath Roberts (LUME).

Booking for this event has now closed.