In this two-part workshop, teachers and cultural workers are invited to work together to explore some of the structures and principles that enable rich and inclusive cultural learning opportunities in schools. Drawing on his experiences as both a teacher and learning coordinator at Manchester Museum, Barinur Rashid will facilitate sessions which explore how cultural organisations and schools can collaborate to challenge inequalities. 

In the first workshop, Barinur will lead discussions on structural racism, providing you with valuable space and time to consider and reflect on some of the barriers to inclusive cultural learning.

In the second workshop, Barinur will share examples of learning projects from Manchester Museum - including South Asian Heritage Month, and creative responses to the collection. Drawing on these, as well as your own practice and experience, you’ll begin to develop a toolkit for anti-racist approaches to cultural learning.

Please note: attendance at both sessions is required. 


This workshop is open to Islington educators and cultural workers. To book, email [email protected].


This workshop is part of 11 by 11 Culture Bank, delivered in partnership with Islington Cultural Enrichment and School Improvement teams.

Image credit: Hawwa Alam, @hawwaetc

Booking for this event has now closed.